14199341_1067522526618508_1105143635655925088_nHi everyone! My name is Leiah and recently I become a mom of three with the addition of a new baby girl not yet a month old! My other two are boys, ages 2 (Nate)¬†and 4 (Evan). My oldest I will be homeschooling this year. So with a new baby, homeschooling and just basic stuff like keeping everyone fed and alive… I have my hands full!

Its been a crazy month and I have sure felt crazy, exhausted and even lazy at times… because I needed rest but still had like a thousand things I felt like I should be doing. Now that I have started feeling better and ready to do more since the birth of my baby girl I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything. I have cooking, cleaning, bathing, constant breastfeeding and a garden that has been completely taken oven by weeds yet is still abundant in the plants I planted. In fact, I am drowning in tomatoes! I am doing my best and even though me and Evan (that’s my Four y/o) have done a little bit of preschool stuff I am hoping of getting on a better schedule starting tomorrow. I think we will be doing three days a week. leaving my husbands off days for family time, and Saturday for whatever fun stuff we want to get into! Anyways, I look forward to sharing all the Ups and Downs of having Three children and all our adventures, and having something to look back on myself.


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