This week I have made a fruit theme. Maybe I can get Evan to try some new fruits… maybe! I plan to take him out and let him pick out a fruit or two he hasn’t tried on Friday.

My decision to make my own curriculum for Evan was because the free ones I found just didn’t put into consideration what he had already learned. I’m not gonna put anymore money into this than nessasary and I’ve actually been finding it fun to plan out themes and activities for him! I will be able to include Nate (2y/o) in many activies, print out an extra coloring page and find crafts that they both can do by planning it out myself! Besides there are tons of free resources online , it just takes some digging and deciding. Deciding is the hard part!

I found this Fruit coloring page for this week. As well as a fruit counting worksheet and of course we plan on reading books having something to do with fruit everyday. Not every worksheet and activity will be theme based but I like the idea of teaching something new every week and I think the themes add a little fun to it.

Might have to hit the library as soon as it opens, I plan on doing this from now on at the beginning of my week so I’m not scrambling to get it done with three kids in tow on Wednesday when they don’t open till 10:30.

The books I have in mind are…

  • The very hungry caterpillar
  • Ten apples up on top
  • Apples, cherries, red raspberries
  • and/or whatever else I find that I think is cute or Evan wants!

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