Okay. so today went pretty good… Me and the kiddos visited the library. Evan (4) cried and whined about getting clothes on, only to get there and enjoy playing with toys the whole time. Younger brother Nate ran back and fourth in the childrens section. I held Lilly and searched and searched for some the books I mentioned in the last post, couldn’t find one…… We live in a small town and have a small town library. We improvised! I found read alongs on YOUTUBE!!! yay.

The very hungry caterpillar youtube video

Ten apples up on top youtube video and this one is super cool one made into a song Jason Mraz style Ten Apple Up On Top song… youtube

I did find a pretty cool book at the library that went along with the fruit theme and that was “The Watermelon Seed” and we read that one today. We practiced counting to 20 and jumped 20 times which really got Evan interested, and watched a phonics video.

I am exhausted and its not just todays new events that got me this way. Everyday around this time I am ready to just become part of the bed, usually with plenty I could be doing. I guess this is part of the joys of having three kids! 🙂 I need advise on getting over the 3 O’clock slump when I can’t nap?!! because most of the time I can’t…




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