We are having a morning… 

The oldest child hide behind the curtains and cried because I wouldn’t let him have my phone, and has found plenty other things to whine about this morning. 

The middle child is just walking around pitiful like whining about whatever he can find to whine about. 

They woke up early and nap time will come early. 

I had to stop trying to wash dishes or load the dishwasher rather about three times to sooth the baby I had fed, burped, and changed. 

Newborns! Geez. 

I am pitiful because I had two cups of coffee and it’s still not giving me the energy I need for the day. And breastfeeding doesn’t allow me to drink a whole pot. My right milk maker hurts and I have too much laundry. 

I actually always have too much laundry, piles of dirty, piles of clean.

So lets push on

Pre-k time! 

Nate will go up for a nap soon and then after Evan gets some school work done he will go for quiet time as well. Maybe actually fall asleep today. I will get some quiet time as well, and we will get past our pitifulness 🙂 



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