My little Lilly turned one month old yesterday! It does feel like it’s been a month… I mean some days have flown by but half of the month I was in recovery so much so that I couldn’t or didn’t feel like doing much. 

Since I started feeling better I have spent more time outdoors with the kids, and took some walks, and starting homeschool preschool has really made the time go fast. I bet the next few months will fly by, and as much as I did want to be doing something after Lilly’s birth when I couldn’t, I got to spend so much time cuddled up with her. I’m going to miss all that extra time to just lay there with her. I actually miss her being in my belly too! Every change is bitter sweet and no matter how fast or slow time seems to go, with kids, there will always be something you wish you could grasp for a bit longer… Or forever. Time goes on though..

Today we plan to visit a botanical garden for a fall festival! I’m more excited about the garden than the festival but I bet the kiddos will have a blast at the fall festival! 


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