2nd week of preschool homeschool has arrived! Our weeks are a little funny. We take Saturdays to rest or do whatever we want and Sunday and Monday are family days. Tuesday is for family as well but we have a few things we take care of as well. Then we pick up studies on Wednesday through Friday.

This week I planned out mostly to the theme of Transportation. We (I) picked out books at the library yesterday. Evan spends library time playing with the toys they have in the children’s section. Yesterday he made robots from the blocks! I can’t get him to help pick out books but that’s ok.

Evan took the picture of the book “Away We Go” which we read yesterday. I had his help! He recognized a couple words like go all on his on! He asked what words were and done a great job! 

I found a lot of great worksheets in package already and it really made things easy on me. I found and printed several worksheets from this preschool pack by 1plus1plus1equals1.net. Awesome!

We will get started on preschool soon and I also have pics to get on the computer from our fun family days! And will maybe post a little something on that when I get a chance. 


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