The Fall Festival at the botanical gardens went okay. It was very nice and I think the kids enjoyed it. I’m not gonna lie though… It was kinda hard on their dad and me. lugging around three kids through the crowd. I was wearing the baby in the moby wrap. We didn’t really get many good pictures. The one above was when we were just arriving and things were a little boring for my oldest boy, he wasn’t sleeping though it just kinda looks that way. Their dad was taking pics of the cars while I stood with the stroller there.

The kids got to play in the music area, sand box, and even a hobbit house. Evan also made a pinecone bird feeder with a little help from me (he wasn’t really that into it)! I sadly wasn’t able to get many good pics 😦

I really enjoyed our time at the park the next day. I was able to get good pictures and just run around with the kids! They had a blast as well!

How did batman get stuck up there!!??

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