Okay so first let me start by saying, Breastfeeding does not make you a good parent. Not breastfeeding does not make you a bad parent. I just feel like if you can you should and my whys are pretty simple…

  1. You boost babys immunity!
  2. Mamas body start to produce milk (or colostrum) well before baby arrives. It is the way mother nature intended!
  3. You don’t have buy EXPENSIVE formula!!
  4. Formula doesn’t always have the best most natural ingredients 😦
  5. you cant really run out!
  6. you don’t have to lug around bottles and water and formula, or try to keep formula cool and fresh all day.

when your baby and your body is used to it is just all around easier,  TRUST ME. I have had my ups and down. Its never easy for me starting off breastfeeding, yet I am on my third baby that I am breastfeeding.

With both of my boys I had latch issues and had to use a nipple shield for awhile, it worked out just fine though. Then after awhile of using the nipple shield with both of them I would see if I could get them to latch without it. This was yet another obstacle I had to over come, because its kind of like starting over when you take away what they have used to get a good latch for some time. Baby does have to learn how to latch on good. I’m sure for some it comes very easy but for other,like me, its harder. With my one month old it was a little easier for me but she still struggled to get a latch for the first week and each day got a little easier. I just feel blessed that I didn’t have to use the nipple shield again! Although I love those things, they are life savers and even though lactation consultants don’t seem to like them very much I say use it if you need it… try not to stress your self out too much over latch issues and just use one! They are also great to have on hand if you have a low pain tolerance because sore nipples are bound to happen. Why suffer though sore nipples and possibly even stop breastfeeding all together when a nipple shield can really help!

There are other obstacle that pretty much every breastfeeding mom goes through but its so worth it!


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