Good morning. It is a good morning for me because I got some good sleep, with a one month old :O I… We slept between six to seven hours STRAIGHT last night, and the night before! Now there is some controversy with this, some might think “isn’t that too long for a practically newborn to sleep?”, “doesn’t she need to wake up and eat?” But I think we are good. For the last month and a half… Maybe not the whole time… I have dealt with a fussy, wanting to eat constantly, cluster feeding little baby girl every evening approaching bedtime. Shes basically preparing to go to sleep awhile! And the last two nights we have reaped the benefits of our evenings of non stop feeding the most we have so far! I hope this continues. My last didn’t sleep through the night for forever and this could just be a fluke and tonight be the complete opposite. 

I’m not trying to brag. I know how it is. A year or more of no solid good sleep sucks, even a few months is rough. Some babies just don’t do as good sleeping through the night as others and my last one didn’t… So therefore I am just hoping this continues but keeping an open mind because I don’t want to wake up in a few nights or next month in tears because I was wrong! I am however so thankful for my two nights and will enjoy however many more I get! 


One thought on “Sleep-full night. 

  1. That’s definitely not too young to sleep for that many hours (as far as eating is concerned). I was THRILLED when my (now) 14 week old started going from 10ish to 6ish at nine weeks of age. She did like you described – cluster fed and nursed all early evening! For the last week or so she’s been nursing less in the evening and waking at 3 or 4am to make up for it.
    ENJOY the rest, mama!


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