Okay Wednesday is like the start of my week rather than the middle. The hubby has Monday and Tuesday off, he is supposed to have Sunday as well but he’s been working Sundays more than not. Anyway, so this is the beginning of a new week. I’m already ready for it to be over! Last week was a little crazy, I got out with my mom and done some shopping. We got a little bit of homeschooling in even though I wasn’t very prepared, I’m still pretty happy with what we got done. Then last Thursday me, mom, and all the kids went to the craft store because I just had to have stuff to make wreaths! Bad idea, I think if I would have thought it through I would have just waited to go when I could just go alone because trying to get a four year old to mind and stay with the buggy and be quiet and not run all around the store when I can’t just leave the 1 and 1/2 month old baby alone to run after him just does NOT work for me. Super Nanny I need you to come teach me how to be super mommy in cases like this! Friday I started making a wreath among everything else, adding that one little extra thing even though it was rather enjoyable to me made the day feel even more chaotic than usual. Let’s not mention the other stresses of the week and my never ending whininess of my two year old. We made it through the week. 

Now here we are it the next week. My head already about to explode!! 


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