So I was reading this morning about the Black Moon and the big energy shift. Apparently this Black Moon, which is just the second new moon in the month, will bring an energy shift that will help everyone feel more inspired! During this energy shift is a great time to start something new or start over, get out of ruts and stop procrastinating and thinking negatively of projects and obstacles and overcome! So through the middle of next week I will test out this theory. I will seize opportunitys and tap into my creativity and try to overcome my fears! Bring it on! I need an energy shift… I need some push. I opened up my Etsy shop a couple days ago and posted my two wreaths I worked on last week up for sale. I used to sale what I called Boo Boo pets on Etsy for a short time and didn’t do too bad with that so Iv planned to start making them again as well. Iv thought about doing hair bows as well, I’m not too sure about that yet. I hope this big energy shift helps me! 


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