So, I’m dying to get out with the kids and enjoy the sunshine before the winter comes and its just too cold then to really get out much and enjoy the great outdoors. Here is some great ideas for some outside Fall fun.

  1. Fall color wheel/ Scavenger Huntfallcolorwheel_1 I think this is a great idea! It’d be fun and educational for the kids. You just need to get out search for some different colored leaves, pinecones, acorns, ect. and make a cute little color wheel with it all! The kids will enjoy both walking around search for different colors as well as sorting them and putting them on the wheel!
  2. A Leaf Labrith!!eccf13d10c53e54e40ce2ede36388147              This is the cutest idea! I just love it. There is not quite enough leaves on the ground just yet but I will definitely be enjoying this one with the kids asap!!
  3. Do some Nature Art!!IMG_9202.jpg                                 love this idea from The Pinterested Parent get creative and have fun
  4. Go camping! A few tips if your kids are pretty young like mine… Don’t plan a huge trip, a night close to home will suffice and if weather turns bad or someone is feeling bad you can just pack up and go home and all will be okay. Of course keep a close eye on them around camp fires. Keep them busy! walking, running, hiking and scavenger hunts and the other ideas above would be great to do while camping as well! If you feel your kids might settle down easier with a movie at night then download a movie to your phone, many movies come with digital copies that you can do this with so check you movie collection!
  5. Go to a corn maze or pumpkin patch or apple orchard, or all! we are planning on hitting up a corn maze one weekend this month!

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