Or…. Are they just soooO cute! 

I have to admit im not totally against some cute matching pj’s for the whole family. Especially for Christmas! Buttt… I would also have to admit it’s pretty corny :/ 

How precious!!! Even the dog y’all!

While looking through parents magazine, this way too early of a morning, I ran across this ad 

and asked my husband if  we should get some matching pj’s? He told me it was “the definition of corny”. I told him he was the definition of corny! Ha

 I might just have to do a surprise order of some cute matching pj’s for the five of us and make! I found cute ones on Etsy too! 

Like this one

Or this one 


I like that last one the most. The dog don’t have one but I would not buy one for my dog anyways. She is a bad bad dog! What do you think? Would you do it?? I think I should while everyone besides my husband anyways would. Or I could wait till all my kids are all deeply embarrassed to wear the matching pj’s then take lots of pictures! I could use them when I need them to do something and they don’t want too, I could just threaten to show all their friends the pictures. I bet that would get things done. Lol. 
I think I will do both, make now a then pics. Now that would be cute, and I will still have embarrassing pics when they get older! Win, win! This is gonna be more fun than I originally thought!


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