It’s great being a stay at home mom. I don’t have to wonder if my kids are being taken care of during the day while I’m out making money. I do all the work and get paid in sticky kisses. This is true… But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns… Not even close.

Confession number one… sometimes I just wanna get away. When your surrounded by kids all. the. time. You are bound to have days were it feels like those little bundles you love so much have too much energy and too much excitement and if they could just contain it just a little and keep their voice down and stop running everywhere that you just might be able to stay sane. Some days I wanna throw in the towel and declare “I’m outta here!” I often say “I NEED a vacation!” Do I get to throw in the towel for the day? No, not most days. Do I get as many vacations as I need for working 24-7 under the direct management of my lil’ munchkins? No where near. In fact my breaks as of right now always consist of my youngest tagging along with me. She nurses and won’t take a bottle. She needs me always. Does this usually bother me, no. It is a beautiful thing. Do I have my off days where I wish I could do something just me or just me and my husband and it make me a little sad I can’t? Absolutely.

Confession number two… I wish I could contribute more! I have not worked a regular job  for years. I have good reason. It is as much for good childcare than I can earn. Also it should just be reason enough that I want to be home with my kids (99% of the time). I have had little jobs here and there that I done for awhile. I’d go to work while my husband was home. That did not leave me with much time with my husband, which is  not much already because of his job alone. It just didn’t feel right. Iv tried other ways of earning money from home but haven’t found anything successful for me. I still long to earn my own money and help pay the bills.

Confession number three… I don’t wanna take all my kids out! My oldest is four. Him and his two year old brother do not usually go to the store or out to eat in restaurants with me or my husband. To clarify I do not eat in restaurants either, drive thrus are my friends. Me and my husband avoid juggling all kids in public places like it is the plague. When we do we have chaos and leave exhausted. Me or my husband might take one of the boys everyone else is staying home but we much rather go to a park with them all.. The park is good!


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