Hi, I have been MIA in my blog, just been a little overwhelmed with this whole holiday season. Putting up decorations taking them down, putting up more, knowing they have to come down. These things shouldn’t make me feel overwhelmed I know. My anxiety has been high and maybe a touch of postpartum depression creeped up on me. I am in the holiday spirit now but I know I don’t have to do much besides get everyone ready and out the door on Christmas. Although for the first time in my life I am thinking of just getting a fake tree next year, we haven’t even fully decorated our real tree we got and it’s so dead and there are pine needles everywhere… Like I don’t have enough dog hair and dust hanging around! Also to add to my own disappointments I just decided to work off of discoveryk12 with Evan for his pre-k work because it was too much for me to look up stuff for him to do everyday. I kinda went on a Mom teacher strike and knew I needed to get back at it. So really I am not disappointed in myself, I made a needed comprise and am getting caught up. I am trying to be the best mom I can be. I am proud of myself and every other mom struggling through whatever, whether you feel overwhelmed, depressed, or both get up and try to be your best and that makes you a good mom! If you feel too down or overwhelmed get help! Stay strong mama’s and have a Merry Christmas!


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