​Im in love with chocolate… No… Addicted is the word. So I have been making this healthy chocolate “shake” to keep it healthy and keep me happy. It has protein, Omega 3s, and is vitamin rich. I drink it down just as fast as I would an ice cream shake! The brewers yeast and flax seed are found in many lactation recipes and are known to boost lactation! Yay, happy and healthy mama AND baby 😉 

1 ripe banana

1/2 cup milk 

Couple handfuls of ice 

2 tblsp of cocao 

1 tsp of ground flax seed

2 tsp of brewers yeast.

1-2 tsp of honey
Throw all ingredients in the blender and blend well.

If you try it let me know if you think it’s yum or yuck. Thanks for stopping in! 


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