Why Im glad I DIDN’T have a home birth

A little less than two months ago I had a beautiful baby girl, she came out healthy and happy and all went very well with her delivery. After all the excitement was over and my doctor had left the room my nurse noticed I was bleeding too much. I had hemorrhaged! I got sick to my stomach and felt like I was going to pass out. As they worked to get the bleeding stopped, I lay there a little scared but knew I was in good hands. I trusted they would get it under control. I couldn’t hold my baby and family was waiting outside the room that weren’t allowed in yet. This somehow bothered me more then the bleeding problem! I just stayed calm and hoped I didn’t pass out.

Now looking back months before, starting when I first found out I was pregnant I was looking forward to having a home birth with a midwife. I had a not so great hospital experience with my last baby and the home birth really appealed to me. I wanted to have a birthing pool set up in my living room, and I had even decided to use a certain midwife. I met with her and she seemed experience and educated. There was just one thing that kept bothering me, I was half an hour away from the nearest hospital. If something was to go wrong with my baby and we couldn’t make it to the hospital in time I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. So ultimately I backed out and found a family doctor I really liked!

At the hospital my bleeding was stopped fairly quickly, I had a shot of Pitocin, some other type  of shot to try to help it, that didn’t really get it under control. So they hooked up a bag of Pitocin to my iv and kept pressing on my belly  making me feeling like punching someone (it hurts soooo bad). The bleeding slowed down to normal level and I was able to hold my baby again. family was able to step in and visit and all was well again. I had to take iron and my hemoglobin count was pretty low for awhile, but I didn’t really get dizzy or have many problems. I think it made me a little extra exhausted but I would have been exhausted and resting as much as possible after giving birth anyways.

Since I had an emergency situation after giving birth and it all happened rather quickly, I am glad I was at the hospital. Im not sure that my midwife couldn’t have stopped the bleeding. I don’t think the particular one I picked would have had Pitocin. I didn’t even know that it should be something to be concerned about. Now though I know that it took a lot of Pitocin to stop my bleeding, to get my uterus to contract like it was supposed to. I fear that if I was at home and this was to happen it would have been much more stressful. I probably would have passed out. I might have needed a blood transfusion. It could have been worse than that. Im still not against home births, but I now know that not all midwifes are equal and especially if you aren’t close to a hospital its important to know what your midwife can’t and can do in your home. What is baby isn’t breathing well or not at all?  Which I did ask my the midwife I had planned to use. Will she have Pitocin to stop a bleeding if needed? I didn’t know to ask that question but am pretty certain she wouldn’t have, now I know. After a little research the only thing I can come up with that might have caused my hemorrhage was a fast delivery. And well don’t think that would have been different at home. I was ready to push and couldn’t stop!

All in all I’m glad I went with my gut instinct. Im glad I was at the hospital already when something went wrong. Always follow your intuition!!!


black moon! 

So I was reading this morning about the Black Moon and the big energy shift. Apparently this Black Moon, which is just the second new moon in the month, will bring an energy shift that will help everyone feel more inspired! During this energy shift is a great time to start something new or start over, get out of ruts and stop procrastinating and thinking negatively of projects and obstacles and overcome! So through the middle of next week I will test out this theory. I will seize opportunitys and tap into my creativity and try to overcome my fears! Bring it on! I need an energy shift… I need some push. I opened up my Etsy shop a couple days ago and posted my two wreaths I worked on last week up for sale. I used to sale what I called Boo Boo pets on Etsy for a short time and didn’t do too bad with that so Iv planned to start making them again as well. Iv thought about doing hair bows as well, I’m not too sure about that yet. I hope this big energy shift helps me! 

things have been crazy. 

Okay Wednesday is like the start of my week rather than the middle. The hubby has Monday and Tuesday off, he is supposed to have Sunday as well but he’s been working Sundays more than not. Anyway, so this is the beginning of a new week. I’m already ready for it to be over! Last week was a little crazy, I got out with my mom and done some shopping. We got a little bit of homeschooling in even though I wasn’t very prepared, I’m still pretty happy with what we got done. Then last Thursday me, mom, and all the kids went to the craft store because I just had to have stuff to make wreaths! Bad idea, I think if I would have thought it through I would have just waited to go when I could just go alone because trying to get a four year old to mind and stay with the buggy and be quiet and not run all around the store when I can’t just leave the 1 and 1/2 month old baby alone to run after him just does NOT work for me. Super Nanny I need you to come teach me how to be super mommy in cases like this! Friday I started making a wreath among everything else, adding that one little extra thing even though it was rather enjoyable to me made the day feel even more chaotic than usual. Let’s not mention the other stresses of the week and my never ending whininess of my two year old. We made it through the week. 

Now here we are it the next week. My head already about to explode!! 

Sleep-full night. 

Good morning. It is a good morning for me because I got some good sleep, with a one month old :O I… We slept between six to seven hours STRAIGHT last night, and the night before! Now there is some controversy with this, some might think “isn’t that too long for a practically newborn to sleep?”, “doesn’t she need to wake up and eat?” But I think we are good. For the last month and a half… Maybe not the whole time… I have dealt with a fussy, wanting to eat constantly, cluster feeding little baby girl every evening approaching bedtime. Shes basically preparing to go to sleep awhile! And the last two nights we have reaped the benefits of our evenings of non stop feeding the most we have so far! I hope this continues. My last didn’t sleep through the night for forever and this could just be a fluke and tonight be the complete opposite. 

I’m not trying to brag. I know how it is. A year or more of no solid good sleep sucks, even a few months is rough. Some babies just don’t do as good sleeping through the night as others and my last one didn’t… So therefore I am just hoping this continues but keeping an open mind because I don’t want to wake up in a few nights or next month in tears because I was wrong! I am however so thankful for my two nights and will enjoy however many more I get! 

why breastfeeding is important to me!

Okay so first let me start by saying, Breastfeeding does not make you a good parent. Not breastfeeding does not make you a bad parent. I just feel like if you can you should and my whys are pretty simple…

  1. You boost babys immunity!
  2. Mamas body start to produce milk (or colostrum) well before baby arrives. It is the way mother nature intended!
  3. You don’t have buy EXPENSIVE formula!!
  4. Formula doesn’t always have the best most natural ingredients 😦
  5. you cant really run out!
  6. you don’t have to lug around bottles and water and formula, or try to keep formula cool and fresh all day.

when your baby and your body is used to it is just all around easier,  TRUST ME. I have had my ups and down. Its never easy for me starting off breastfeeding, yet I am on my third baby that I am breastfeeding.

With both of my boys I had latch issues and had to use a nipple shield for awhile, it worked out just fine though. Then after awhile of using the nipple shield with both of them I would see if I could get them to latch without it. This was yet another obstacle I had to over come, because its kind of like starting over when you take away what they have used to get a good latch for some time. Baby does have to learn how to latch on good. I’m sure for some it comes very easy but for other,like me, its harder. With my one month old it was a little easier for me but she still struggled to get a latch for the first week and each day got a little easier. I just feel blessed that I didn’t have to use the nipple shield again! Although I love those things, they are life savers and even though lactation consultants don’t seem to like them very much I say use it if you need it… try not to stress your self out too much over latch issues and just use one! They are also great to have on hand if you have a low pain tolerance because sore nipples are bound to happen. Why suffer though sore nipples and possibly even stop breastfeeding all together when a nipple shield can really help!

There are other obstacle that pretty much every breastfeeding mom goes through but its so worth it!

Fall festival and a day at the park!


The Fall Festival at the botanical gardens went okay. It was very nice and I think the kids enjoyed it. I’m not gonna lie though… It was kinda hard on their dad and me. lugging around three kids through the crowd. I was wearing the baby in the moby wrap. We didn’t really get many good pictures. The one above was when we were just arriving and things were a little boring for my oldest boy, he wasn’t sleeping though it just kinda looks that way. Their dad was taking pics of the cars while I stood with the stroller there.

The kids got to play in the music area, sand box, and even a hobbit house. Evan also made a pinecone bird feeder with a little help from me (he wasn’t really that into it)! I sadly wasn’t able to get many good pics 😦

I really enjoyed our time at the park the next day. I was able to get good pictures and just run around with the kids! They had a blast as well!

How did batman get stuck up there!!??

Transportation themed preschool homeschool. 

2nd week of preschool homeschool has arrived! Our weeks are a little funny. We take Saturdays to rest or do whatever we want and Sunday and Monday are family days. Tuesday is for family as well but we have a few things we take care of as well. Then we pick up studies on Wednesday through Friday.

This week I planned out mostly to the theme of Transportation. We (I) picked out books at the library yesterday. Evan spends library time playing with the toys they have in the children’s section. Yesterday he made robots from the blocks! I can’t get him to help pick out books but that’s ok.

Evan took the picture of the book “Away We Go” which we read yesterday. I had his help! He recognized a couple words like go all on his on! He asked what words were and done a great job! 

I found a lot of great worksheets in package already and it really made things easy on me. I found and printed several worksheets from this preschool pack by 1plus1plus1equals1.net. Awesome!

We will get started on preschool soon and I also have pics to get on the computer from our fun family days! And will maybe post a little something on that when I get a chance.